"Shine with us"

Prime Theatre Arts is a welcoming and professional Dance and Theatre Arts company who encourage their students to reach their full potential. We give our students confidence by focusing on their individual development, letting each child shine in their own way and develop their technique in all aspects.


Dance Fusion

Combination of Ballet, Hip Hop and Modern dance styles. Perfect for students who are new to dance and would like to try various styles. 


A perfect class to enjoy the technique of modern ballet whilst still learning fun and challenging routines. Appropriate for children with previous ballet or jazz experience. 


Junior / Youth Ballet

Learn your first ballet steps in this calm and engaging ballet class. Perfect for your little one’s first dance class experience. Engaging through stories with movement.

Hip Hop

Energetic style of dance including locking, popping, commercial dance, trick work and foot work. 

Musical Theatre

Combination of Singing, Acting and Dance. Perfect for students who love musicals and acting through song and dance.

Adult Ballet

Basic technique class for adults with and without experience in ballet. 

'We encourage students to reach their full potential in Performing Arts. Performing Arts not only helps with physical health, flexibility and technique, but also rounds you into a strong, determined and confident person'

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